M&B Machine is a full-service manufacturing machine shop, providing a range of services that include design, prototyping, milling, turning, welding, fabricating and testing. Our priority at M&B Machine is providing on-time manufacturing that meets or exceeds each customer's delivery deadline. Our professional team provides constant communication regarding project planning, development, progress and delivery. The pride of helping our customers solve manufacturing problems drives us to complete each client's project as originally agreed – both on time and to specifications – so clients can meet their business needs without delay.

Full Range of Manufacturing Equipment
Image of a CNC Machine

From mills and lathes to grinders and presses, M&B Machine has a full range of manufacturing equipment. We can do small jobs on our manual machines or large quantity production on our multiple CNC machining centers.

Proudly Manufacturing in the USA
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While other manufacturers have been sending their work overseas, M&B Machine has been producing quality products in the United States since it opened in 1997. Why send things to another country when we can produce a quality solution for you right here in the USA?